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Dirk Klassen

Coming from an engineering background, I switched to IT in 1999 and took part in developing the IT of an international oil & gas company. On my way from IT support through project and program management up to my leadership position I gathered experience in nearly all areas of IT, both technical and organisational. I always followed the philosophy that IT is not just some service provider, but an integral part of the company, driving the digital transformation together with the business, with a focus on data protection and information security.

As part of the leadership team I was responsible for the collaboration and communication services along with document and knowledge management, as well as the outsourced on-site help desk. The successful transformation of the MS on-premises environment into an Office 365 cloud hybrid setup, and the preparation and integration of the international help desks in the course of a merger were the last projects before changing the employer.

After a short excursion into the regulated banking world as head of IT Delivery Management, aligning business demands and supplier offerings in a highly outsourced environment, I am now responsible for the IT of a retail and service company, which provides full service for shops and carwash facilities on the fuel stations in the DACH region of a major oil & gas company.

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About this site

New ways of working, in my opinion, include sharing of knowledge and ideas with your network. Blogs are a very good basis to do this, as you can easily share and discuss something with a lot of people. So I developed the idea of providing my own blog, open to guest editors, to share and discuss ideas, opinions and knowledge related to (but not restricted to) strategic IT topics with my colleagues, friends and followers on social media like LinkedIn and Xing. This site is the result.

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