Snippet from one of the scripts provided here. Image source: Private.

Scripts and other useful things


This is a collection of useful things, mainly scripts, most of which are referred to by blog posts. You are free to use any of them for your own purposes provided you mark them as found here, for example by putting a link to this page into it. Enjoy!

List of resources

Sorted by publishing date, latest on top. The resources pages don’t have a sidebar, which leaves more space for the source code. If you need even more space: Above every source code is a button for enlarging the source code to full screen, along with a button to copy the code to the clipboard.

  • Resource: Sync iTunes Media Library

    Script to synchronise iTunes media library to SD card, drive etc. Description The media library of iTunes is organised in folders, sorted by artists and albums. All meta data including the playlists is stored in one central XML file, located in the root folder of the folder structure. This makes… More →

  • Resource: EXIF date based file renaming script

    Script to rename image files based on EXIF tags Description This script can be used to bulk rename image files based on the date they were taken according to the EXIF tags of the files. The interesting aspect is that you can add or subtract an offset in seconds, minutes… More →

  • Resource: Find Duplicate Files Script

    (Mostly) Ready-to-use script for finding duplicate files Description This script has been referred to in the post If we only knew what we know. It scans the folder tree below a given path for duplicate files by creating and comparing hashes of files which have the same size. The result… More →

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